Jian Hu

Principal Investigator

615 Michael Street
Suite 323
Atlanta, GA 30322

Bachelor of Molecular Biology, Wuhan University, 2016
Ph.D. in Biostatistics, University of Pennsylvania, 2022

Jian Hu, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Human Genetics with a joint appointment in the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Emory University. He is also a member of Emory’s AI Humanity initiative. Hu’s research program involves two synergistic components: 1) a methodological component focuses on developing novel statistical methods for biomedical data, including single-cell RNA sequencing, spatial transcriptomics, protein omics, and metabolomics; 2) an applied component focuses on applying these methods for the clinical and biological studies. Specifically, he takes a multidisciplinary approach that integrates methods drawn from statistics, machine learning, bioinformatics, and computational biology for multi-omics data analysis. Hu has also extended his expertise to digital pathology as the cell morphology from histology image data is critical in understanding the tissue microenvironment. Hu works closely with biomedical researchers in order to elucidate the structure and function of genomes and to translate genetics and genomics knowledge into human health. Hu holds a PhD in Biostatistics from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Molecular Biology from Wuhan University, China.